Monday, 6 October 2008

JNDC Chooses NEi NASTRAN as its Analysis Solution Provider

Extensive back to back evaluation of various software, JNDC chooses NEi NASTRAN suite of products to provide a high end analysis functionality within the company.

NEi NASTRAN is an engineering analysis and simulation product based on NASA′s Structural Analysis program. The software is a Finite Analysis Analysis (FEA) solver used to generate solutions for linear and non linear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components.

JNDC′s engineers have had previous experience using NEi Nastran and other FEA software packages, combining this with their engineering and design knowledge will put them in a very good position to reduce time and cost. Virtual analysis using FEA has proven to be an excellent tool for shortening the time to market, lowering the development costs and improving product quality.

engineering design JNDC NEi nastran

Airbus Added JNDC to the Approved Vendor Directory

Following great success with contracts gained from Airbus, JNDC has now been added to the Airbus approved vendor directory. Being part of the approved vendor directory now means that Airbus can easily outsource work to JNDC.

JNDC have previously worked with the A350XWB team on research and development projects on the mainly composite aircraft currently under development. The company has also carried out projects with the A380 developing new ways to help fully automate the production of their wings.