Monday, 15 February 2010

Temporary Slave Fastener Patent Granted

The UK Intellectual Property Office have officially granted a patent covering JNDC's design of single sided "temporary slave fastener" moving ever closer to the worldwide patent. JNDC have been developing a temporary slave fastener for applications within the aerospace industry for the past two years. The benefits of the fastener include a system that offers dowelling as well as clamping, pinning the aircraft structure together during assembly and maintenance. Full automation of installing and removing the fastener is possible as well as simple hand installation .
When installed into a countersunk hole, the fastener does not protrude, offering a unique clamping and doweling force, whilst being "countersunk!" The fastener has been fully tested on aluminium and composite structures, leaving no damage on the load bearing surface due to the large surface area of the clamping feet.