Thursday, 13 September 2012

Increasing Effectiveness of Industrial Equipment.

JNDC were approached with a problem associated with the original pile driver equipment that only bores holes to 1m. The initial idea involved the development of a concept to allow an increased vertical travel to 2m, an increase in the driving force of the equipment along with a review of the overall design to increase reliability and to reduce complexity.

The key features of the new design incorporated an automatic raising mast, as well as a centralised chain drive system to increase the driving force of the equipment and allow a 2m capability for bore holes.
Pile Driver in lowest position for transport with telescopic mast retracted.
Pile Driver without safety guard showing internal mechanism

The addition of a telescopic inner mast allows the design to rise when the assembly reaches over 1m. Guide rods are also fitted on each side of the equipment to transfer the load and assist in the smooth operation of the design.
The automatic system does not require labour to extend the mast. The whole system is simple to use, more efficient and effective as well as low in maintenance.

Pile Driver and telescopic mast
extended to 2m.