Thursday, 17 November 2011

Capabilities of JNDC's Research and Development Facilities

At JNDC we offer a wealth of experience and services to fully develop a product into a practical solution. Our team of product designers, design and manufacturing engineers start by working closely with our customers involving them in every step of the process. A one day 'design review' with the customer is usually enough to get the ball rolling and ensuring that we are all clear on the steps forward.

Using SolidWorks, a computer aided design tool, our engineers produce a virtual model. Our expertise lies in the area of engineering and analysis. Once the model is designed using a suite of analysis software including Nastran we can validate a product and predict its performance including:

- Structural performance, vibration and fatigue
- Weight optimisation
- Thermal behaviour and effects
- Linear and non linear material performance, including composites
- Flow on internal, external and rotating components

Finite Element Analysis

Prototyping is our middle name; we have expert knowledge of the industry and its capabilities, as well as many in house facilities including rapid prototyping. Our abilities include:
- Rapid prototyping (polymer and metals)
- CNC machining
- Fabrication
- Moulding and forming
- Tooling
- Composite materials
- Finishing processes

CNC Milling

Once parts are received from the manufactures they are quality checked and assembled. Providing a prototype that can be used for testing and the ways forward.
Testing is a vital area that is required to ensure parts recognise international standards and pass safety checks. This includes areas from large scale wind tunnel tests through to tensile, fatigue and impact testing.
This is where the fun bit starts as we assist our customers in bringing their design into production, in the most efficient way. We have strong links with China to provide the most cost effective solution.
With the help of our friend below we ensure that the customer has received the most comprehensive, most competitive and the highest quality of service possible for their design.