Friday, 11 May 2012

Freedman Chair goes from Strength to Strength

The Freedman Chair goes from Strength to Strength.

After appearing at the prestigious D&AD awards the chair was snapped up by the media. The chair's unique design focuses from the needs of the human body and creates a new way to sit.

Simon Freedman, an Osteopath and inventor, has been a man with a mission for the past 15 years. He’s been driven by a quest to create a chair that allows people to sit correctly and comfortably, whilst having a positive impact on their wellbeing.

With expert design knowledge from JNDC Ltd the chair has been refined and engineered. The chair is easily flat packed, assembled without tools and weighs just 5kg.

Soon we will see the Freedman Chair in every environment, the new way of sitting is upon us.

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Freedman Chair held Centre Stage at the D&AD awards

The Freedman Chair held centre stage at the recent D&AD awards. Shortlisted from 2000 entries.

Simon Freedman an osteopath and inventor had a vision to improve the way we sit with a key focus on our body structure. From his experience he realised that a lot of back problems were the result of incorrect chair design. His idea was a revolutionary chair to aid people to sit correctly and comfortably, therefore assisting them in preventing future problems.

Over the past year JNDC Ltd has engineered the design into a dynamic working chair. Including leather seat pads with bespoke finger prints and back balls that offer pressure to the back muscles. The chair is completely bespoke to the bodies movements and it has become a necessity for anyone who sits in it.

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