Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Component Finite Element Analysis Work - L Bracket Assembly

Continuing on from the last blog this project invloved FEA analysis to be carried out on a L bracket assembly used to hold a roof window. The customer specified a total load of 700N acting on the assembly at the rotation point, causing a moment load to the main attachment lugs one of which is attached to the window the other to the roof frame.

CAD L Bracket Assembly

 The study results showed that the maximum Von Mises stress in the bolted region were well within acceptable levels. The maximum Von Mises stress occured away from the lug that were beyond yield of the material at the interface of the fold.

To reduce the high stress at the fold interface the model was changed by moving the fold 10mm and introducing a stress reducing hole of 5mm. Reducing the stress yeild value.

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