Monday, 23 September 2013

Threaded Inserts in Rapid Prototype Parts / Could this be a Solidworks add on ....

We make a lot of plastic prototypes here for our customers.  Whenever we  need a tapped hole we just print the part with the correct diameter hole and then physically tap the plastic part after it is printed.  I use the Solidworks hole wizard to make sure I call up the correct sized hole for tapping after.  This has worked for us really well in the past, however recently we have found that the threads do wear over time. So I decided to get some threaded insert samples sent to me to try them out in the next prototype we make.  
We usually need threads from about M3 to M6 in size, so I got a range sent to me to do some investigation work on.

I have a few plans.  Firstly, work out how well these inserts work and also to see if I can work out how to modify hole wizard in Solidworks to have a function for easily making the correct sized hole for these threaded inserts.  I am not sure if it will be within the hole wizard option, a separate add on, or even a tool box item.  I am keen to work it out as we would use it a lot here at work if the inserts work out well for us.

Is there anyone out there who cam help with this one ?? Or if you have any experience using the inserts, do let me know.  Many thanks!!!

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