Friday, 4 October 2013

Pre-production Prototype Case Study - The chair that could save you life

JNDC previously designed and manufactured two series of prototype seats to undertake extensive research and development in relation to ergonomics.  Following the completion of the second round of prototyping the customer instructed JNDC to undertake design for manufacture as well as the manufacture of 5 "pre production" prototypes.

Moving from a detailed prototype to a final pre-production prototype required JNDC to revisit every part to optimise for manufacture.  Weight, cost, manufacturability as well as the overall look and feel of the chair had to be considered.  In addition, advanced prototyping techniques had to be selected to mimic a final manufactured part, without going to the expense of investing in expensive tooling.
Sand casting, silicone moulding as well as CNC milling and turning were the key processes used to develop the 5 pre-production prototypes.  JNDC coordinated the manufacture of all parts, and when complete undertook the complete assembly process in house to ensure the quality of the final product met and exceeded the customer's expectations.

Next Steps
The prototypes are now being used for marketing, from trade shows to photo and video shoots through to pitching to potential distributors and buyers.  The preproduction prototypes will also be used to receive accurate quotes from manufacturers, allowing the companies to see the physical items that they will be manufacturing in high volume.

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