Friday, 24 January 2014

Factory Visit in Ningbo - Part 2

First stop was Ningbo, a seaport in the northeast of Zhejiang province.

The capabilities of the 1st factory include high accuracy die casting tooling and manufacturing die casting products for industries such as electrical, lighting and automotive.

product manufacture
Selection of die cast products
product manufacture
Manufacture of bbqs

This factory has an excellent record selling 80% of their manufactured tooling to both overseas and domestic markets. Their business started with die cast products only, however due to the factories high quality of tooling manufacture and capabilities this area has expanded rapidly.

large injection moulding tool
Large injection moulding tools in storage
injection moulding tool
Injection mould tool following quality check
(individual features noted as checked)
 We were very impressed with this factory, with an overall good first impression on quality of work and quality standards. Seeing the QA in action dispelled for me some of the myths regarding poor quality in China.

coordinated measuring machine
Coordinate measuring machine

Products quality system
Products going through quality checks

I noticed the poster below within the QA department. I have no idea what it says... any Chinese speakers out there?? Please let me know. Thank you!

quality manufacturing
QA Department Sign
Next stop Shenzhen.

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